Protecting the business from criminals is a stressful job. Very rarely does a business owner get a peaceful sleep free from the worries of the intruder attack. However, with the advancement of technology, intruder alarms have also evolved with time. You will be overwhelmed with the ample number of intruder alarms available nowadays. Moreover, these alarms have fascinating features that will keep the burglars away. 

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Five different types of intruder alarms for business

Motion detector systems 

As the name suggests, a motion detector alarm detects the motion of a moving person inside the commercial premises. So if there’s human movement in the office after working hours, the sensor gets triggered, and the alarm sets off, informing the security personnel about the same. This alarm will start functioning only when the intruder enters the premises. 

Hybrid intruder alarms

This is a smart combination of both wired and wireless alarm systems. So, if the wired system stops working, you’ll still have a  backup of the wireless system. Hence, hybrid intruder alarms are the best option for high-priority commercial premises. Again, if you already have a wireless system and want to add a wired one, opt for hybrid intruder alarm systems.

Perimeter sensor alarms 

A perimeter sensor alarm is the best option if you need complete space security for the business premises. You can have the whole property wired up with cameras, sensors and other devices. This complete security solution will give you access to every nook and corner of the premises. You can be assured of the entire security system with this sensor alarm.

Glass break sensor alarms

In retail shops, breaking the glass and entering the premises have been major issues. For that, the glass break sensor alarms are highly effective. This is a highly sensible motion detector machine, where a small device is placed directly into the glass so that the alarm rings high when the glass is broken. 

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