CCTV has become a necessity in every domestic as well as commercial premises. Once installed correctly, the camera can save your day. It will help you get complete coverage of the whole security of the house and business area. However, before buying CCTV cameras in Glasgow, make sure that you check a few things. If you need more clarity about a CCTV camera, ask the seller a few questions to help clear your mind about the same. CCTV cameras will give you complete coverage 24/7, helping you understand the things happening around the property. 

Here are a few questions you must ask a CCTV seller before buying the same. 

Five questions you must ask before buying a CCTV 

Does the CCTV camera work at night?

Most of the CCTVs work at night. Better systems that use infrared led lights in the camera so that you get a clear picture in pitch-black conditions. You can use CCTV with movement-activated sensor lighting as well. 

Are CCTV cameras wireless?

CCTV cameras are wireless and can be used correctly and proportionately. They are great in terms of detecting intruders and crime incidents. Thus installation of CCTV is essential as it helps to improve the security of the premises. 

Can I set up a CCTV on my own?

While it is possible to set up a CCTV on your own, you must know the entire process properly. Many wirings need to be fixed. Experienced professional installers can help you with the services quickly. They will install the CCTVs correctly and operate well with the right components. 

Does CCTV record sound along with pictures?

It depends on the type of CCTV you’re thinking of purchasing. Some IP cameras with built-in microphones can also help you get sound recordings. Additionally, you will need DVR slots for the audio cable. Make sure you take legal permission before setting up a good recording system. 

Can my CCTV be hacked?

Any digital technology can be hacked however proper steps should be taken to prevent the same. The hacking can be prevented if you take professional assistance for CCTV installation. Professionals install secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption to stream the video without being hacked. 

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