Fire accidents can occur anytime without prior warnings. A smart homeowner will always install a fire alarm system to protect against such sudden dangers. A fire detection system cannot prevent fire breakout but will reduce the probability of danger. These alarms contain different elements and features like sensors, extinguishing buttons, sprinklers, and air sampling detectors. Hence, the system will start working whenever there’s smoke that can cause a fire breakout. The alarm will go off, and the sprinklers will pour water on the location to extinguish the source from which the smoke is being generated.

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Fire alarm system – working process

This system generally works by using different fire detector parameters. These parameters help to determine whether there is a fire that might occur from the ongoing smoke. The system works based on four major parameters. 

  • The system helps to detect situations from predominant smoke generation.
  • The system detects any change that might have occurred in the room temperature levels.
  • The system can blow an alert when there is a development of flames.

What are the major parts of a fire alarm system?

A fire alarm system generally consists of 5 major parts: initiating devices, indicators, fire alarm panels, auxiliary devices and power buttons.

Initiating devices 

These are the initial parts that detect the smoke at the very beginning. These devices include high-tech smoke detectors, heat detectors and sprinklers. 


These warning buttons go off as soon as the smoke or the fire is detected. Indicators are buttons which are made with lights and horns. Different fire systems have different sounds ranging from bells, chimes or sirens. They are generally of high decibel enough to make your ears go deaf. 

Fire alarm panels

This is a user interface central monitoring system with a control panel that helps the fire alarm system to operate smoothly. The fire alarm panel has a supervisory control panel as well. 

Power button 

This is a major part of every fire alarm system. Without the power button, the fire alarm systems can’t operate. Some of the alarms are battery-run. So it’s up to you which type of power supply source you want to use for your fire alarms. You can also opt to buy dual-operated fire alarm systems. If the power goes out, even then, the alarm will function with the help of batteries. 

Auxiliary devices 

Many additional devices can be added to the alarm system to boost its functionality. For instance, you can add features like LED indicators, automatic alarm silencing switches, elevator captures, and electromagnetic door-holding buttons. It depends on the location where you will use the alarm system.

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